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Attached you will find a flyer giving details of two recitals that BOBBY CHEN -  MALAYSIA’S LEADING CONCERT PIANIST – will be giving at the Equatorial Hotel on12th June (with cocktails)  and 24th June (with dinner). 

Full details about Bobby can be found in his website  www.bobbychen.org  from which you will note that he is one of Malaysia ’ quiet achievers and a world renowned artist in his own right. 

The Lord’s Taverners Malaysia Berhad in association with the British Malaysian Society are proud to have arranged his visit during June with the sole purpose of raising his profile in the country of his birth to the same level of recognition that he has in the UK and Europe.

You will also note from his website that it is his ambition to establish an academy for young Malaysian protégés, and the other object of this visit is to assist him in achieving this through your generosity in supporting one or other of these functions.  

We therefore would be MOST GRATEFUL if you would circulate this “flyer” to as many of your members, friends and associates and encourage them to make bookings either by telephone as indicated or through the following e-mails: 




Click link below for Bobby Chen Concert Recitals Information:




Sixty years ago, outside the Old Tavern at Lord's Cricket Ground in London, a group of actors formed what has become the world's leading Sporting Charity. Now over 4,500 members, comprising sportsmen, professionals, show business personalities and people from all walks of life raise over two million pounds sterling each year for those in need.

Although cricket was the original driving force behind the Charity, it now encompasses all sports and assists those underprivileged and disadvantaged children who would not otherwise have a sporting chance in life.

The Lord's Taverners in Malaysia was incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee in 1995 and since then has been quietly helping those in need, albeit only in a modest way. Lead by the indefatigable Y.A.M. Tunku Tan Sri Imran who is rightfully acclaimed as Malaysia's "Mr. Sport", and his team of assistants, the Lord's Taverners are reviving their activities and they are determined to achieve their objective of helping underprivileged children throughout the country.

Thanks to the undivided support of the Members of the PJ Club whose own Community programme already embraces a unique Tennis programme for orphans, the Lord's Taverners have established their base at the Club, and it is through the generous assistance of their Chapter of the Hash House Harriers & Harrietts that the re-launch of the "Taverners" activities begins on 13 June 2009.

Council Members

Y.A.M. Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibn Tuanku Ja'afar

Dato' William S.W. Davidson

Mr. Christopher James Syer

Mr. Michael Heiko Dittmar Lemm

Mr. Gerard T. Rajaratnam

Mr. Mahadevan David Devaraja

Mr. Mark Robin Talalla

Mr. C. Sivanandan

Our Charitable Mission

* To give youngsters, especially those disadvantaged, a sporting chance

* By providing incentives and facilities to play cricket and other team games

* by encouraging youngsters to participate in these sporting activities

* by providing a forum to gain confidence and to develop physical and mental strength

* by instilling the virtue of fair play and team spirit in the pursuit of a healthy society.


Organizing Committee

Mr. P. Thiru - PJ Club Hash (Chairman)

Mr. K. Sugunan - PJ Club Hash (Cricket)

Mr. Gerard T. Rajaratnam - Lord's Taverners Malaysia/PJ Club (Cricket)

Mr. Christopher James Syer - Lord's Taverners Malaysia/PJ Club (Cricket)

Mr. C. Narayanasamy - Lord's Taverners Malaysia

Mr. Glenn George Kennet - Shah Alam/PJ Club Hash

Mr. Devarajan David - Shah Alam/PJ Club Hash

Mr. Wong Choon Hin - PJ Club (Sports Chairman)

Mr. V. Sivarajah - PJ Club (Administration)


Grand Master, Rotweller (P. Thiru) founded the PJ Club Hash House Harriers & Harriettes in 2002. PJ Club Hash House Harriers & Harriettes participated in the first inaugural run on 19 October 2002. Since then, all Hash House runs are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. And as always, we live by our motto of leaving only foot prints.

We have always maintained a great tradition of camaraderie, that has been continuously strengthened through our regular runs, outings and more importantly, in times of helping the less fortunate. A case in point was when we worked closely with our fellow Hashers throughout the world in helping victims of the Tsunami tragedy in December 2004. We raised and contributed RM107,402.00 from the proceeds of our run on 5 March 2005 to UNICEF for the Asian Disaster Relief Work.

Now the time has come again for us to rise to the occasion in championing another noble cause; helping neglected children. It was this very reason that PJ Club Hash House Harriers & Harrietts and Lord Taverners Malaysia are jointly holding a run on Saturday, 13 June 2009, the proceeds of which will go a long way in helping those who are less fortunate than us.

New Events

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